Lower Bottom Playaz, Fall Holiday Theater Camp 

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SPRING Session

The Flight Deck

1540 Broadway

Oakland CA

Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD, Founder Director

510-457-8999 –

Lower Bottom Playaz Theater Day Camps train youth in the art of acting on stage and in real life. Fun. Fantastic! Arts & Critical Literacy focus.
Directed by Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD author of:  Performing Literacy A Narrative Inquiry into Performance Pedagogy in a Marginalized Community.
We offer a 5 FREE week summer program, 

A  5 week summer theater day program directed by Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD,the author of, Performing Literacy: A Narrative Inquiry into Performance Pedagogy in a Marginalized Community. And a collection of Holiday Camps designed to offer enrichment activity to youth 5-13 in a professional theater setting.

This camp offers an even playing field learning space in which everyone plays, everyone comes as both learner and teacher. 

We start each session creating the container for our exploration of the discipline of performance art. Art is a discipline. This camp offers enrichment programing that views imagination as a crucial resource and focuses on its value and promotes its growth. The camp facilitates the development of multiple literacies including critical literacy. 

We take pride in the instruction of how to act on stage and in the world. We seek to create a lifelong love of learning, provide pathways to finding one's own path to thriving, and enabling the dreams of youth by helping them turn dreams into plans for success. 

We believe deeply that each of us is talented we just don't always have the luxury of finding the way we can best express that talent. Through the lens of performance we offer youth space to utilize their imagination, claim ownership of their bodies, to discover how to create space for themselves in process, how to follow directions, how to lead groups, how to listen deeply, how to articulate themselves with respect for themselves and their audience, how to read the world and how to write themselves on the world.

Youth practice elocution, projection, use of space, storytelling, stage acting, playwriting, stage directing, self directed creative activities which include long and short form improvisation, pantomime, theater games, choral work, choreographed movement work, recitation, memorization.

They learn stage positions, terminology, basic genres, collaboration, and increase their observation and listening skills.

Our day begins with a healthy snack and warm ups followed by Big Circle check in. In Big Circle we consider Big Questions and learn about one another. After Big Circle we learn a skill. We practice that skill though performing and theater games. After lunch we demonstrate mastery over skills that have been introduced. We close with Big Circle and set intentions related to our Big Question of the day. 

All camps  end in performance. 

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