The Lower Bottom Playaz & BAMBD, CDC



February 2019 

BAMBDFEST:2019 is a multi-day, multi-venue festival in celebration of the Black Arts Movement Business District, Black Arts, Culture, and Economics in Oakland, CA, commencing in February 2017. The three week Festival produced by the Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc. in collaboration with BAMBD, CDC and producing partners The Flight Deck will engage Oakland artists, Oakland arts venues, Oakland businesses, and the people of Oakland in a massive celebration of Oakland, the Black Arts Movement Business District, and the history and importance of the rich contributions of The Black Arts Movement and artist of color to the story of Oakland and the State of California.

The Festival will consist of public performances by theater artists, musicians, youth groups, town legends, gallery installations, an eclectic mix of free and paid arts events, vendors, arts & crafts, public symposiums, dancers, comics, poets, dancers, and more that showcase the best of Oakland's vibrant artistry.

We are currently seeking Oakland arts experts to help plan and facilitate the production of a "Town" Festival that will encourage other arts districts across the country to consider their worth, niche in the civic landscape, and their power to enliven, strengthen, and activate their communities.