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The Festival

BAMBDFEST:2019 is a multi-day, multi-venue festival in celebration of the Black Arts Movement Business District and Black arts, culture, and economics in Oakland, CA. The three week festival in February 2019, produced by the Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc. in collaboration with BAMBD, CDC and The Flight Deck, is funded by a Creative California Communities grant from the California Arts Council and is under the artistic direction of Dr. Ayodele Nzinga.

The Festival will consist of public performances by theater artists, musicians, dancers, comics, poets, youth groups and town legends.  It will feature an eclectic mix of free and paid arts events, gallery installations, vendors, arts & crafts, public symposiums, and more that showcase the best of Oakland's vibrant artistry. The festival will engage Oakland artists, arts venues, businesses, and the public in a massive celebration of Oakland, and the history and importance of the rich contributions of The Black Arts Movement to the State of California and the world.

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The Black Arts Movement Business District


The Black Arts Movement Business District, (BAMBD), was declared by Oakland City Council in January 2016. It is Oakland’s only official Arts District. The geographical boundaries of the district are from 18th St. to 10th St., starting at the 880 and ending at Lake Merritt.

BAMBD, Community Development Corporation, was created to help organize, focus, and activate the District. This is a work in progress and a grand undertaking that has the intention of creating an Art’s district that is reflective of its name and those whom it seeks to commemorate and remains active for generations to come.

BAMBDFEST:2019, February, is a festival, produced by the Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc., and BAMBD, CDC, designed to occupy the heart of the District, and bring it to life with art, cultural offerings, installations, outdoor performances, theater, dance, music, food, and our beautiful selves modeling what it means to practice “place-keeping”. The mission of the festival is to create a space in the heart of the City for a celebration of Blackness in its full spectrum of complexity and vibrant wonder.

To that end we will be raising money, seeking sponsorships, reaching out to artists, connecting with venues, looking for vendors, street performers, poets, spitters, dancers, rappers, painters, film makers, theater makers, writers, activist, service providers, and community to help envision and execute three weeks of programming with downtown as the epicenter. If you are in the midst of planning a Black History Month program for 2019 please consider connecting it with BAMBDFEST:2019.

Please share with us things you would like to see included. Please share the event far and wide. This is an invitation to find your lane in the celebration of us in The Town!

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